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Get Acquainted With The Supernatural

Are you tired of hearing about the great revivals of the past and not experiencing them today? Are you longing to see a move of God in your life as you heard and read of the old timers. Then your search is over!! Your thirst will be satisfied as you get into your spirit and mind the impartation of the Spirit from these three powerful books...

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"The Holy Spirit, The Supernatural & You" -  Order Today

Our brand new book, 'The Holy Spirit, The Supernatural & You' is due out on January 31st but you can pre-order now...

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Brand New Series

You cannot change your life unless your words! You cannot change your destiny unless you change your words! God created man with words of authority and dominion. Therefore man was created to dominate circumstances, devils and diseases. However due to Adam's sin of high treason, he relinquished his power and dominion to Satan who used it as a weapon...

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As 2016 is quickly coming upon us, we need to be engaging the Holy Spirit and the supernatural to maximize our year for major breakthroughs. This is why we are excited to release our brand new book titled, 'The Holy Spirit, The Supernatural & You'. This is the answer you have been looking for. in this book, there are 13 chapters divided in 4...

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Are you ready to take the lid of limitation off your life? 
Do you want to go to the next level in your life, career and ministry? 
Are you frustrated and don’t know how to turn your potential into power and productivity?
Have you prayed and...
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